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Every week you should create an overview of the tasks that need to be completed over the coming week. Every day at the beginning of each day you should create a list of what needs to be achieved in the coming day. This list should be in the order of urgency to ensure you address the most pressing things first. If you are unable to do some of the things on your list you must source expertise to get the tasks done. You need to be disciplined and extremely efficient with your time.

Diarise everything that is happening, scheduled into minute slots and be realistic about the amount of time it will take to complete a task. In business not everything will go to plan, you need to be pragmatic and focus on a creative solution.

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This is counter-intuitive and will hold your business back, you cannot do it all. If a process is not working you should review it to see if it can be eliminated, automated or delegated to make it successful. Nobody has ever succeeded on the first time and never made a mistake thereafter. Not doing anything guarantees failure, just f king doing it gives you a chance to succeed.

How to Deal With Industry Disruptions There are many ways on how you can welcome this significant change with open arms. Learn them today as you tune in to this episode of the Leadership Revealed Podcast! You should know for a fact that disruptions appear all the time in industries.

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Get the frustration out of the way and learn how to be adaptable with these disruptions. Have a plan. Always be on your feet on how you could devise a plan that could still position yourself in your industry. Act quickly. Compartmentalise your decisions. Learn from it. Business is not for the faint-hearted. If you want to be successful in business, then you will have to make some decisions. John explains why you need to meet challenging situations head on to achieve positive outcomes and personal growth.

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Listen in to find out how! Depending on the severity of the situation some may choose to fight and deal with the situation but the majority will choose to do nothing. In business, there are lots of ongoing circumstances and many micro situations throughout a day that may be uncomfortable but require a response. How many times have you avoided a situation then felt inadequate afterwards? If you face up to an event or interaction you will feel better about yourself and be in a better position to deal with the same type of situation next time. When we have dealt with a particular situation previously it becomes less stressful but will remain uncomfortable due to the nature of the interaction.

You must always look for the positives in every situation. Doing the same thing over and over again will create myelin and the decisions you make in both hard and soft tasks will be faster. We need to be agile in both business and life so when a curve ball is thrown our way we are able to react and adapt putting a plan in place to overcome and deal with the situation. Successful people have a vision and they know on a day to day basis what they are doing to work towards achieving their goals.

These businesses have a plan B and a plan C to help deal with the unexpected. The mark of a good business is that it can adapt and change in the face of regulatory changes. There are examples of major businesses who have pivoted and changed to continue to be successful these include Shell who began as an antique business. They failed to understand that improving the customer service was vital and in doing so aided the growth and success of Google and their own decline. You choose to adapt and change your company based on changes in your customers wants and desires and the environment.

The environment may be something out of your control such as new legislation, regulation or complianceIt's important to talk to your customers to understand what they want and to look at the environment you are in and to try and predict the future. Taking an overview of the estate agency and letting business environment clearly shows the direction it is moving in is towards with more compliance and more regulation so it is advisable to plan for this now making it possible to adapt when it happens.

Being vigilant about possible changes enables you to be in a position where you can take advantage of opportunities that present during periods of change. They improve the current systems and can adapt, developing new skills that in turn make a business more efficient and effective.

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Having good colleagues is very important to staff and team motivation. What do processes bring? A good process will deliver consistency which will promote repeat business. Being able to run a company using the most efficient systems and processes delivers cost-effective solutions. When you have good people without good processes it is possible to operate for a period because people will find ways around poor processes.

However, over time it will become demotivating for staff because people need routine, a structure they can follow every day to ensure consistency and success. Good processes and poor people will lead to issues. People who are not trained to follow processes correctly will result in variable outcomes leading to demotivation of the workforce.

She stands out on being both an excellent business leader as well as a team leader. Energise Resources has become one of the fastest-growing social enterprises which provides charities with the funding and sometimes missing know how to achieve their ambitious objectives.

David has brought together many prolific and senior leaders from across the industry on a pro bono basis to help across various charities. These charities have a wide and lasting impact not only in the UK but also on an international scale. Apart from the community work to promote Data to different audiences, Jason is highly invested in his team and their development and together, they have proven their effectiveness. There is a long way to go when it comes to data literacy, but Jason is blazing the trail. This has given him the opportunity to build a track record within data that is stronger than commonly found.

The variety of projects, and their achievements commercially, as well as the social impact, made his submission one of the strongest. Roxane has delivered some fantastic digital transformation over the past 18 months. She is an Inspiring leader — humble, focused with a sense of humour and great energy. Jasmina has an impressive span of influence and has managed to disrupt and innovate within a very large organisation, that does not change easily.

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Her success and global impact of the Da Vinci challenges as well as her work in developing and encouraging young people, especially young women, make her the Disruptive Leader of the Year. The judges were impressed by the breadth of activities Fiona is involved in when it comes to diversity. This is not only limited to work within Amazon but also within the wider industry. The judges felt it was refreshing and encouraging that diversity was seen as a lever towards business success, rather than a compliance target to be hit. Mia has had an impressive career. She moved from maths to coding, then to an internship and is now well respected in her field already.

She has had a meaningful impact on her current company in just six months.

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While building a stellar career, she is giving back to the community, through girls coding groups or school visits. She is inspirational and our Future Leader of the Year. The IT Team at Cognizant has had a big impact, and they have delivered tangible and solid results. Their work with Network Rail came with its own unique challenges, considering the scale of modernisation required.

Most importantly they not only digitally improved and transformed Network Rail but through their work brought about a mindset transformation. Stuart is a clear champion of Open Source. He has built a strong and successful career around the promotion of open source. What is applaudable is the business benefits that have been achieved and delivered for some fairly sizeable clients. His conviction that technology and best practise within tech is a mean to all improve and innovate all aspects of life impressed the judges. He is an engaging ambassador for the industry and is a firm believer in the future of voice UI.

Nazim is clearly an asset to KPMG, which is able to deploy his leadership and experience across many organisations and industry sectors. Philip has displayed visionary leadership of automated reporting. The leadership he has shown and the time and effort to persuade and convince the organisation and different departments show the scale of the transformation required.

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Not only has Jasleen seen a meteoric rise within Tata, but it is clear that she strives to deliver demonstrable customer benefits and delivering maximum value for her clients. What is particularly impressive is her continual drive to push new technology, gaining knowledge, but also sharing this both within and outside the organisation. It is also great to see someone putting something back into the organisation where she has clearly benefited from, a great example of a young tech leader.