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Extraordinary Faith Episode 9 - Church Restoration

In this captivating series, popular author,speaker, and president of Extraordinary Women Julie Clinton illuminates the life-changing truths of her book Becoming a Woman of Extraordinary Faith to help women break through the ordinary busyness of everyday existence to embrace an incredible life of rooted faith in Jesus Christ.

Ten minute sessions follow the book's week structure and provide dynamic teaching segments, "woman on the street" interviews, and additional insights from leading Christian authors and leaders, including other EW speakers. This series will help woman seek out God's heart and move forward with renewed passion and refueled purpose to discover: healing of past wounds release from guilt and shame through God's love and grace authentic and meaningful relationships This multi-faceted series engages individuals and groups from the very start, encouraging each woman toward an anything-but-ordinary life of unshakable faith and godly significance.

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An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith

Through this study, we have been considering the faith of people listed in Hebrews We might feel small compared to Moses and David. But there is no requirement that we have to be great people in order to have faith. Jesus reveals himself to average people like you and me. After his resurrection, Jesus strolled and chatted with Cleopas and his friend as they approached Emmaus.

Cleopas was not famous, he is only mentioned in the Bible once. Out for a walk, these two met a Jewish man.

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